Friday, October 24, 2008

Getting high on information...

I've delved into the ocean of information out here on the world wide web a little too far today I think. I'm never one to just let something go, so I've followed countless rabbit trails all evening after work...on the one hand, it's good, because I'm getting support and tips and reinforcement and being re-energized for my new vegan life...on the other hand, I think I've out-vegan-ed myself...I'm totally overwhelmed now. Dammit Julie, just go to bed. The internet will still be there in the morning.

P.S.: This is how it works at my house. D & I take turns. This week, I get up with Fusser, I put him to bed, I clean up his messes and discipline him and play with him when both of us are too tired and entertain him and generally take the most responsibility for him. Next week, and last week, that's D's job. It's a good way to stay sane and not hate each other from built up resentment at the notion that we are each doing everything and the other is a lazy shit who does nothing. We're not that horrible anymore (we may be the first couple in history whose relationship was helped--probably saved--by a 6-month separation), but a break, quiet time, and personal space are still really important to us with an almost-3-year-old all over us all the time. He's in that really annoying NO phase. I know it's his job to learn how to rebel, but I am thisclose to losing my hair every time I hear about what he doesn't wanna do.

So it's my week to be extra responsible, and I haven't been doing well with that lately. I feel like I need to be more selfish because I'm educating myself, getting support, inspiration, etc etc, changing my way of life. So I should go to bed because sleep is a big thing for me. Shit. And this was gonna be a short blog.

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