Monday, October 27, 2008


So... I worked about 12 hours yesterday, straight through, no time for a break. I was taking parties and all around getting my ass handed to me. And because it was Sunday, tips were shittier than usual. In case you didn't know, because I honestly think not everyone does: 20% is a tip. This is how we feed our families, clothe our children, etc. If your server "wows" you and really does a phenomenal job, more is ALWAYS appreciated. 15% and we wonder what we did wrong. 10% is infuriating and disrespectful, and any less is just an insult and you might as well stiff.

Good, that's off my chest. Saturday night I ran my ass off too. Only to turn around and do it all day Sunday. Both nights, all I had for dinner was french fries and OJ. I feel all nauseous and gross now, and I'm trying to force myself to eat some fruit for breakfast because I know I need to, but I don't even feel like eating at this point. On the bright side, I have money to go to the store now, which is THANK GOD because we are out of pretty much all the staples. I mean, no bread, oil, soy milk, regular milk for that matter (D and the child), wheat flour, tofu; my kitchen is about to break down! So I'm going to make a HUGE store run, and probably go to 2, if not 3 different stores (Aldi, which has the cheapest veg, fruit, bread, and even soy milk, but basically nothing else; it's worth a trip because the other stores are so damn expensive--but I have to go there anyway if I want something black beans and!)

On the really bright side, I have a fridge full of left over veggie/tofu lasagna, enchiladas, vegetable soup, and rice. I cook for like 5 people for some reason (I've never lived with more than 3 others, so its inexplicable), and D used to eat a TON (he's cut way back), but he won't touch the lasagna or enchiladas, so it's all mine! mwahahaha!!!

I think since I'm going to the store and I love variety and I loooove to cook, I'm going to turn that fridge o' leftovers into a big old freezer o' leftovers. ;) Then, when I don't feel like cooking, I can grab some easy, homemade delicousness. I know I should've been doing this all along, but I'm kind of excited at the idea.

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