Thursday, October 23, 2008

Welcome to the Madness

Wow welcome to the 21st century, me. I blog on Myspace, so I guess I never really figured I'd need one here. But, I have a diverse enough group of friends that I guess I have issues being too honest in my posts on there, and when I am, I feel really narcissistic or exposed or whatever else is wrong, so this way, I'm just putting it all out there in cyberspace for anyone or no one to stumble across.

I am a 22 year old, married, working mom. Long-time off & on vegetarian, recently turned vegan. So far I feel so fucking healthy it's unreal. But I'm still kind of an avid foodie, and I love a good challenge, so that works out perfectly. My husband is a good old meat & potatoes kind of guy; I'm mildly impressed that he's still even speaking to me since I've cut out basically half of his diet. Ha ha ha ha. He's not the super supportive type...but he's doing well. My son could give a shit right now. He's 2 and he gets to eat whatever daddy and/or mommy are having. So, meat, cheese, fruit, bread, veggies--he usually isn't super picky. I'm going to plan his 3rd birthday party vegan though. Yep I'm pretty much a challenge addict. Saves me from a lot of boredom.

Politically I'm a total anomaly. The fact that my collection of views is so strange has me convinced that I'm the last sane person on the face of the earth. I was raised a liberal by two ex hippies, turned apathetic, turned moderate, turning more and more conservative. My basic philosophy is, life is sacred. I AM NOT RELIGIOUS; but I believe in god, we were intelligently designed (how long it took that to play out, I don't pretend to know), and I sure as hell don't have the right to end anyone's life. Animals included. Thus, the diet change. I'm not this huge animal lover, I don't have or want pets, I don't get all gooey over other people's pets, but I also don't consider them food. More on that later, I'm sure, little narcissist that I am.

Back to politics. Life=good. So I'm against abortion, and I don't give a fuck what anyone says, I have had a life in my uterus, I have heard a heart beating on the ultrasound, I have felt him wiggling and kicking and sleeping and playing inside of me, a fetus IS a fucking baby, and furthermore abortion is actually WORSE than murder in my eyes, because a baby, an unborn baby, is the epitome of innocence. I'm also against the death penalty; I realize we can't be housing everyone forever, and that paroling evildoers is bad, but those are separate problems; killing people because it's cheaper is unconscionable. Let them live with the knowledge of what they did--personally I'd rather die, if it was heinous enough--but it's not any of our place to take their life in return.

Society pisses me off on a daily basis. The gods of want and convenience reign, and babies and animals (again, not on the same level, but two examples!!!!) are the sacrifice.
I'm becoming more conservative because I've worked hard for what I have and where I am in life and I love it. But I live around a bunch of white trash (working on getting out of here, thanks) who are all constantly looking for a handout, which makes me absolutely sick. My generation wants everything handed to them, they give up, they think that if they want it bad enough or deserve it enough they should just automatically get it without having to do any real work. I was like that for 5 minutes. I got over it. I grew up. I had to. And now I love my life and wish that everyone knew the feeling of standing on their own two feet and being responsible, decent human beings. If my neighbor asks me for 5 bucks so she can buy cigarettes one more time, I think I am going to throw something at her.

Oh yeah I have rage and anger issues. Not as bad lately, because I am no longer ingesting rage, pain, grief, and fear on a daily basis (yes, I read Skinny Bitch)...but I have more issues than US Weekly. Ha. ha. ha.

Well this has been fun. If you can stomach my style, good for you, rock on. If not, oh well, just throwing shit out there into cyberspace. Ciao.

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